deleting other players added objects in multiplayer (agooses addon)

I posted this on agooses multiplayer addon thread, but I thought I would post it here to.

I finally got the addon working, however Im having a problem, trying to delete other players objects, so say PLAYER1 places a cube, and PLAYER2 deletes it, it deletes the cube on PLAYER1 screen, but the cube is still there on PLAYER2 screen. does anybody know why this is?

I am actually not sure if I handle this in the system. I think I need to do some more work on this addon to bring it to a full system. I will make these changes one day, and release a new version, but I cant say when. (this is a problem with object code)
Another problem is ownership. If A creates BlockA then B cannot delete it. Only A can. Anything more complex requires the new system.

Ok, I understand

Basically, right now when PLAYER1 creates a object, it creates blockA witch has a plugin, witch displays as the same cube on PLAYER2 screen. So basically the objects work the same way player setups do, how you have the main player mesh, and then another mesh that gets displayed on the other players screen.

And I can get the other players objects to delete, but it doesn’t delete the “visual” object on the second players screen. Basically I thought that if the “Master” object gets deleted, the “visual” object gets deleted as well, since it is associated with the “Master” object?

EDIT: another idea I tried was, having the “visual” object parent to the second player, witch works but since the “master” object is not in the same positions so the “visual” objects snaps back and forth and spasses, out.

Let me ask you this, when you delete a master object isn’t it supposed to delete the visual object that’s on the second players screen?

Ok so i figure out that no matter who does it or how it is done, if you delete the “visual” object of anything, it crashes the addon or the multiplayer aspect of the game.

this sound like “avoid exception”.

maybe put a bomb below all player , if the playerN not deactive the bomb in some seconds , the bomb explode and the playerN is destroyed (in this way still a “autodestuction”)…
just a guess :smiley: :wink:

MarcoIT im sry I dont get what you mean?

just by this imput :

“If A creates BlockA then B cannot delete it. Only A can.”

but maybe not do nothing

oh ok,

Well i got it to work so that B can delete A but what I dont get is if you delete the Master object, shouldnt it delete the visual object?

“but what I dont get is if you delete the Master object, shouldnt it delete the visual object?”

i guess , should be, otherwise not have much sense the master obj

It appears that you can only add in or spawn in a maximum of 13 objects before the multiplayer crashes. I don’t know why this is