deleting pose libraries and actions

i made a bunch of pose libraries accidentally and want to get rid of them but i dont know how. Also in the nla editor when i try to add an action there is a huge list of actions i dont need. How can i get of all this stuff thats in the way? I hope it doesnt involve scripts because i have no idea how that works

In the Armature Object Data properties there is a pose library section. The button tool tips will tell you what each button does


there are a bunch of unused pose libraries or actions or whatever that appear when i click on that button with the three lil dots. i want to get rid of those and just have the libraries i made intentionally. for example one is a bunch of poses for walking, one is for running etc. but there are also like 50 different things that say stuff like keyaction, camera action, armiture action. I want to be able to click on my character and easily find the one i need.
Also how can i update a pose?
when using the nla editor i push shift a to add an action to my character and all those other things come up. is there a way to make it so just ones im actually using apear.
for example if i create an action but then decide i dont want to use it i cant get rid of it. So if i make one called running but it doesnt look right i want ot be able to make another called running that does work and not running 001.