Deleting repeating symbols

Hello everyone,
i have encountered a problem with use of blender and i hope someone here knows on a way to help.

background :
a part of my work in blender is renaming parts into known names (a closed library) , so i have decided to use an autocomplete program (because i couldn’t find out how i can add and use an in app one.

now when i use the the program (and this happens only on blender) it keeps deleting repeating symbols for example:
hello will be fixed automatically to helo and the position of the symbols in sentence dont have an impact as well as the amount of repeating symbols.

one problem that i thought it could be is sticky keys that cancel repeating symbols if the time between them is lower then X (dont know the exact time and if this is really the problem).

and to make sure i checked this doesnt happen when you use CtrlC CtrlV.

thanks for the help from advance,
yours a new blender User.

I guess the dictonary of your autocomplete program has undesired entries.
Blender dont change it by itself.

i checked it in a few other programs and i saw that problem only on blender (i did all the checks to make sure the issue is in blender)

I guess then the program is somehow not compatible with the outliner.

Maybe you can run this script for renaming, it creates a textfile where you can write the new name just after the old name. Run again and it renames the objects.

import bpy
import os

filename = 'object_renames.txt'
object_list = list( for my_object in

if os.path.isfile(filename):
    with open(filename, 'r') as file:
        object_renames ='\n')
    for e in object_renames:
        if e:
            oldname, newname = e.split(';')
            if newname and oldname in object_list:
                print(oldname, '->', newname)
      [oldname].name = newname
    with open(filename, 'x') as file:
        for item in object_list:
            file.write(item +';\n')