Deleting shapekeys from MakeHuman export

Hello beautifull boys and girls of the blender community. I am a total newcomer to 3d design. I am trying to create a battle scene:

Now, I want to replace my crappy cartoony characters with better cartoony characters. I have used MakeHuman to create a basic model to modify later.

The problem is that Makehuman exports not only the mesh, but also a whole lot of other things tied to the object. I deleted textures, armature, vertex groups BUT the animation and shapekeys remain. I want a tottaly clean mesh, so I want to delete them too. How can I do that?
When I try to delete them one by one from the Dopesheet, it says “not implemented yet”. Basicly they dont exist I believe, only their “ghost” is there…

I have tried to find a solution online, but nothing helped, so I decided to ask here.

I cannot attach the .blend file for some weird reason…
But the person who helps me out, gets to have his face on one of teh characters (optional). Probabely on the one that is fallen down :stuck_out_tongue:


I am not sure. If you can’t get an answer here, try asking at the makehuman site. I am sure some one there will know.

To get an absolutely clean mesh, why not export from MakeHuman as an OBJ, then rig and texture it in Blender?