Deleting unused "saved (F)" material datablocks

Ok, I know how to get rid of unused (O) material datablocks, but how does one delete the unused but “saved even if no users” (F) material datablocks? :spin:

If the ‘F’ button beside the name of the datablock is checked then it has a Fake user, not ‘no user’. Uncheck the button and the fake is gone.
If you have a bunch of those materials with fake users then better use the Data Select window (Shift+F4). First you’ll see the names of all your objects. Click on the ‘…’ just over the names and you’ll go one ‘folder’ (Blender uses the folder/file allegory to display the content of its own files) where you’ll get the choice of all sorts of datablocks categories. Choose ‘Material’, select with RMB the materials with an ‘F’ next to their name and press Fkey: all gone.
(well, really they’ll become unused and will be gone only the next time you open that file.)

Thank you! - things were getting way too cluttered! :slight_smile: