deleting UV images

I have a model I’ve been working with and I’ve been doing some UV work with images.

Now that I’ve decided on the image that I like, I can’t get rid of the others! I’ve tried the following things:
Shift-F4, go to “Images” directory, selecting the image I want to delete and hitting the x-key. Result: Error message saying I can’t delete the file. Yes, I’ve tried using the F-key, it just makes the number of users go up by one (by adding the Fake user).

Deleting all textures and materials. All of them, every single one. Save, close and restart. No dice.

Starting a brand new blender file and appending the objects. The images come with them.

Copying the object and deleting the original. No dice.

If I delete the objects associated with the image, THEN I can delete the images (most of them anyway).

PLEASE - How do I get rid of these images? They keep coming back into my renders!

PS In my outliner, the images are not in the outline view, but they are in the OOPS schematic. However there are no lines connecting the images to anything. And if it means anything, they disappear when I click on the button that shows ‘scene’ (and, of course, images).

you probably have inadvertently created multiple UV textures, each of which is using one of those old images. Delete the UV Tex and then delete the physical image file. When you next reopen the file, it will be gone.

Thanks for that - I try to put some research into finding an answer before I go to the forums, and I think I put a good four hours on this one.