Deleting verticies at intersection points

I have a model of a mushroom with cap, stem, and gills. I want to make them all one smooth piece. Is it possible to make verticies on the cap where the gills and stem intersect with the cap, and then delete any verticies on the gills and stem that are above the bottom of the cap?

Thank you for any answers!

Post a pic so we can see exactly what ya got.

As you can see, the gills and stem are not smoothly intergrated with the cap. I want the mesh to be one smooth piece, rather than three pieces. Colors are wacky to demonstrate the problem.


I can’t see the mesh so it would be hard to say exactly how to go about it. I’d recommend starting over and model it as one mesh. Probably not what you want to here. Otherwise its cut in detail and merge vertices manually. You could try booleans but they make some ugly meshes.

I tried my hand at it. I finally wound up using 2.49, because I like it’s bevel command better.