Deleting wheels in vehicle wrapper

Hi all.
I’ve been working on a game, and one key feature is that the character can get in and out of vehicles. However, I’ve identified a major glitch: - when the character gets out of a vehicle, the wheels aren’t deleted. When the character back into the vehicle (or into another) the old wheels are attached as well as the new wheels. This causes considerable handling problems.:frowning:

My question: Is there any way of deleting wheels during the game?
Using ‘End Object’ on the wheels just makes Blender crash. I’m thinking there might be some kind of endWheel() function, but this is just a wild guess.

So if you know, or suspect how it can be done, please respond.
The blend file is here, if you need it:

I found this bug with 2.49b. I think it is still in 2.53. They only workaround I found was restarting the scene without the car.
Other options would be to hide the complete car when it should not be visible.