Nice to see that someone (meaning independant) other than a mega-huge corporate studio (aka Disney/Pixar, Dreamworks) is willing to make the investment in a full-length CG feature. The story looks interesting and the modelling, texturing, etc. looks first rate.

Check out “Delgo” at:

That is entirely too cool, The characters are really good. I couldn’t find when it was due to release on the web site, did I just miss it somewhere?

Well, talking about independant CG movies, maybe you already know Kaena the Prophecy:
It’s cool. Just a little bit cliché, but very good anyway. I like those movies where the design is particularly labored.
And thanx for that link to Delgo website. I didn’t knew it. I had seen a couple of picture of this movie (I can’t remember where…) but I didn’t knew it was coming out of a movie.
See you.

Have you ever heard of a feature length 3D animation called ‘Sinkha’? (I think that is the correct spelling. <shrug>) I never actually saw the movie, but heavy metal did a story on it. Looked to be quite good. It was made a few years back, so it was a bit more labor intensive than it would be today. I’ll warrant it still holds up though.

I had nevcer heard of it. Here is what I’ve found about it:
Apparently, it’s a graphic novel, not a movie.
Also check this:
Thanx for sharing Modron.
See you, dudes.

I’ll be astonished if Delgo succeeds, simply because it has some of the worst character design I think I’ve ever seen.

Kaena looked better, but it worries me that all these low end CG films look an awful lot like Stargate or Dune, ie space sci-fi in desert like worlds. Almost as bad as cgtalks obsession with elves, space marines, photorealistic cars or faux medieval stuff and very little else. (Although recently a very good pic of girl and bear is on there).

Oh, I dunno… the characters were pretty appealing to me. But I’m weird that way. (No no… not that way…)

The CG is pretty good, what got me most was the animation/rigging. VERY smooth. The lipsynch is iffy, but the motion is outstanding.

I’d pay to see it.


Apparently, it’s a graphic novel, not a movie.

Ah yes. My mistake. Well, it SHOULD have been a movie. I will have to download that multimedia thing when I get a moment.

One of my personal favorites is RustBoy ( by Brian Taylor. Its too bad hes the only person working on it because its taking FOREVER!