Looks good but the layout, maybe the angle? makes it hard to figure out what i am looking at.

Very nice work, congrats! Food is very difficult.

Looks incredible! The atmosphere, materials… everything is perfect!

I agree, the difficulty in cg-ing food grows exponentially when you go from “a piece” to “a dish”.
For example, there’s the infamous donut tutorial for beginners.
Now compare that to Ian Hubert’s robot stir fry…
Even with geo nodes, it’s a helluva lot of work!

How much less time would it take to just cook the damn meal and take a photo right? :wink:

Excellent though; very inviting dish.

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Now im hungry lmao :laughing:

Whoa! As a photographer, that is an awesome shot. Great use of textures!

There are quite a few bottle caps, tho. Makes me wonder about just how much drinking was going on behind the scenes! :wink:

This is simply one of the best renders I’ve ever seen - composition, coloring, the vibe… One to be extremely proud of. Do you do any work on commission? Would be very interested to hire you in the future on some commercial stuff if you have the time and interest!

Ugh… It’s not fair… now I’m hungry. Very nice render.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

Indeed, it’s delicious :o

@Rcarts Really nice work! seems tasty and makes me hungry. Very well done.
Positive critic: as recently I was doing a beer bottle my self I think that cap and water drops could be a bit improved :slight_smile:

really cool

The straight line of the leaf, the way it blends into the table, the angle of the “canon” lens thing and the strong blur around the edges make me initially think this was an overhead shot photoshopped/collaged together with another picture that has a back wall. I don’t like the seeming manual placement of the water drops on the bottle.

Yes it is delicious :joy:

scrumptious…I gotta try making realistic food like this

delectable render

The worlds boujiest pizza :slight_smile: