i noticed something today.

do your tastes change?i remember i use to like a cheap brand of rice, it was awesome, the best rice i ever ate. but as i got more money i could go eat some more expensive rice. after a year of eating this expensive rice (which i could have sworn tasted no differnt than the cheap rice) i saw my old favorite brand of rice. i quickly bought it and went home to make me one of my favorite dishes, with the rice as a side dish. in the end i had to feed the rice to my dog… BLEH!

could it be that the simple things we use to treasure so much fade away after experinceing somthing better for a while. i certainly hope not, i want to be able to enjoy old friends, old songs, and all the little things i loved so much, the same way i enjoy the bigger fancier things i have now. what should i do? what would you do?:frowning:

Well people’s tastes do change. For example, when I was little, I LOVED chicken. Now, I don’t really care for chicken anymore. Same with mashed potatoes. But when it comes to peanut butter, I like the cheap stuff WAY more compared to the more pricey stuff. And it’s the same with a lot of foods with me, I just seriously prefer to eat cheap food to expensive food.
And the same goes for music, clothes, hair, humor, etc. Like when I was little, I like oldies, slacks for pants, buzzed hair, and stupid jokes. Now, I like screamo/hardcore/alternative/punk/emo music, loose jeans, longer hair, and more mature jokes.

It’s a part of maturing. No big.

i guess your right, but have you ever grown out of a person?

Are you trying to tell us at sixteen you’re doing your own cooking and all you can afford is cheap rice? Are you an orphan? Maybe you should impose on those good friends of yours and get yourself something decent to eat for a change. Talk about off topic.:spin:

how do you report somebody? this troll has been stalking me and trying to bust all my posts.

i like to cook. i like to buy some of my own food to cook with. and wtf? off topic? the only topic here is the one i posted!

seriously how do i report this guy? he is starting to bug me… you know what, forget it. ill just ignore him.

back on topic, i think the worst feeling in the wold is when you grow out of a person. they seem like such a good friend, but they start to,… uh,… bore you? i dont know if that is the right word, but it feels awful

You must keep in mind that they change as well. Happened to me with my best friend, though recently we found that we both changed in the same general direction, and we’re both in the same 3D Animation class now. Oddly enough, and this is a coincidence, we both hate 3DS Max.

i guess people do change. but i still dont know why that rice didnt taste good…