Delightful Curve - In the days after colorizing

Created using Blender(Cycles rendering engine) and GIMP

Fascinating… Could you tell us (especially to me) :wink: how you obtained the colored shadows?

love the shadow! technique please, :smiley:

The shadows are colorized because of caustic emission of light. :slight_smile:

VERY cool! :smiley:

There’s been a number of these simple abstract pieces recently, what’s neat about them is that they show their beauty not in the detail, but through the raw effect of the shading and lighting.

The only reservation I have is if that part in the lower half of the image in the center is two spikes or a twist that thins out to infinity.

Good work overall though.

Is what your trying to say that you think it might look better if the two points actually connected? If so I’ve actually had someone mention that before… Just curious to know :smiley:

@infinitux: I sort of agree with Ace (if he means that by his reservation he doesn’t like twisted geometry), these things look much better with a constant flow, in my humble opinion. On the other hand, if they are two independent pointy ends, that is really cool too! :slight_smile: One thing I have to disagree with is “simple”, and I’m sure he meant no harm by that, but I hear that a lot about these things. There’s a reason more people don’t make these, they are hard to make flow into a nice form, and they are extremely difficult to light, as Ace also mentioned when he spoke about the shading and lighting…and it’s the person at the wheel too. Abstract art is beautiful and free, and I love it (obviously). :slight_smile: More abstract please! :smiley: