Delilah, Eater Flower

This is my second finished project. Rendered with Cycles, but I saved a whole bunch of render time by rendering key parts, and then stitching them together in Post.
I really need to be able to do nature scenes, because come on. It’s nature. I figured you have to start somewhere, so I tried this flower. The material of the petals on this flower have left me clue less, so I am glad I was able to pull it off.

Any critique, I would love to hear it.

All the best,

I really like the texture on the leaves, but to me for some reason the “mouth” doesn’t quite live up to the leaves. Maybe a little variation on the “teeth” or something. Overall good job though.

There’s nice figure ground stuff. What do you mean by rendering key parts?

I first rendered the flower, then the vines, rendered the buds, and then added a background and blurred the buds all in Photoshop.

Yes, I agree. Don’t really know how to fix the mouth though. And I don’t want to spend any more time on it for now, so that I can do something else.

Don’t bring your nose in to sniff that thing.

It looks okay as of now and it does seem to work as a general nature scene, the stems could look a little brighter and a little more translucent though.

I like it. You may want to work on the mouth thou, not quit doing it for me. Maybe you could change the colour scheme and make the teeth more pronounced to highlight the contrast between the mouth and the “cute” flower aspects of the image.