Deliver in 1080i 50 DNxHD 185 4.2.2 ?

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Well it looks broken to me. Tried all flavours of bit rate and checked interlace to see if that affects the file output, all nope.

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Ok ! Thanks ! At least I’m not so dumb :slight_smile:
And about .mov , I wasn’t aware about that, clients tends to like .mov , but I agree that it’s not the safer choice :smiley: And I’m not on a Mac…

I’ll try to fill a bug report about DNxHD exports, it’s great to be able to export to this format from blender.

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Beware that (IIRC) the VSE on exports at 8bit(?) so you may be loosing quality before the codec choice. Its a shame that Blender doesn’t render MXF while it does seem to read it ok…