Dell Alienware m17x for blender

hello guys,

what do you think about Dell Alienware mx17 for use blender?

which is the best value performance price

i like to spent around 2000

and there are other interesting pc ?

Best regards

Avoid the one with the ATI gpu. (though it will perform very well under OGL view-sculpting, it won’t work with cycles)
You gonna need those 16GB ram, 8GB won’t be enough.

i don’t think that’s the correct section. Anyway, do you really need a laptop? Beacuse if you don’t need it,is just a waste of money.

If you do really need a laptop, I saw the deviltech hellmachin dtx (I don’t know if I can post direct links, so google it). Honestly I don’t know the company, so I cannot tell you any opinion, but is the fastest laptop (and also desktop since it uses desktop hw, dunno how btw) you can find.

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blender is very hard to use on a laptop plus you could build a better desktop for a lower price

I agree with the observations about avoiding the laptop if possible, specially the alienware, I worked at Dell and they showed me those and they’re really heavy and completely defeats the purpose of the laptop, I wouldnt move it from my de

I don’t see a problem at all. I, myself being a contracting Engineeri and travel all the time use an Alienware m17 R4 with no problems.“Very hard to use a laptop”, please expand on that one because I have no problem.

P.S. These are not ‘laptops’, more of a desktop replacement.