Dell Canvas a Wacom Cintiq competitor

Not exactly a recent news, but didn’t find any post here so I guess worth posting.

Seems a great alternative to more expensive Wacom Cintiq

I cannot have any info from Dell, time ago they were a lot supportive but now I cannot talk with any technician supports for pre-sale doubts. In particular, I like to know how it works with Blender, Zbrush, Krita and Affinity Photo before purchase it.

The irony is that it uses wacom tech. In a sense, wacom is competing with itself. The good news is that it’s highly likely to work well with everything out there. On Windows, at least. There are no Mac drivers, last I heard.

This kind of makes sense though, wacom is good at digitizers, dell is good at displays. Besides wacom has been licensing their tech out to others for decades.

Looks a lot like a Surface Pro with that dial doodad. Might have guessed it was of that lineage if fahr hadn’t noted the Wacom tech. Looks freaking awesome though.

The good thing is that it’s just a display and not that mistake Microsoft made with underpowered specs.

I cannot find this on Amazon or others online store, seems only dell selling this device. Also, few reviews around the net. Seems weapon will release a new Cintiq, 32 inch and 4k resolution