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How is this, i am applying for a Loan to purchase a $5200 Alien wear Laptop it was $6900, and it has a 4K 17" monitor and 2 x 1Tb ssd dardrive M.2 also a RTX3080 GPU and 32 gigs by 1933MHz ram, sounds a realy beefy pc.

Sounds a bit expensive, to be honest. I would shop around for a less “brandy” offering, perhaps look at XMG or any other “Clevo” reseller, depending on your market availability. They offer flexible configuration options, so you can get and pay for exactly what you want. The 4K on a 17 inch monitor seems a bit like an overkill. The screen is still quite small to be comfortable for long work sessions and the high resolution will bog down the viewport performance quite a bit. If you would look at the viewport charts (techgage article), laptop 3080 (equivalent to desktop 3070) gets a bout half the FPS at 4k that it does at 1440p. Personally, I would get one of the XMG models, and with the money saved, a nice ultrawide monitor for when I am not on the road.


XMG Laptops:

I am not fussy.

Not saying that you are, just a well known “premium” brand, demands premium cash. Cash, that you can put to specs by buying from a less advertised brand. Good luck with your purchase.

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My new desktop with similar specs was half that price. Is there a reason you want/need a laptop versus a desktop?

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ive heard dell has had bad cooling issues in their laptops. my brother got a msi g65 for about 1200 usd that has an rtx 2060 and is very capable.

thank you for your very kind reply, i still havent lost interest with Blender, The reasons why i upgrading is because back December last year after i finished the second round of Chemo, i had very tingly numb feet and fingers, every time i was walking around it was like being tipsy balance was not great and tired and daisy,and on the 15th of December at night using my laptop not thinking, i went to dunny in bathroom i thought i take laptop to use while on toilet, and as i enter bathroom and had a very nasty fall, and me and laptop land very hard, dented mouse pad and screen come apart, and today as i went to my bank and told what had happen, they told me to ring my home and contence insurence, and i did and my laptop is covered, and i have to take my laptop to iT werehouse to get a damage report, and that is why i am going to upgrade, i seem to notice when computer is sitting dormant, while watching movie, screen flashes, screen glows white nothing on there then everything comes back on desktop.

Hi James,

If you’re serious about getting a new laptop then I’d suggest some additional homework. You might want to check out this large list as a good start.

If you can afford it, I’d recommend going with a RTX 3080 with 16GB VRAM which can be immensely helpful with Blender rendering. When listing stuff it’s always good to include the full Model number. We can’t exactly tell which Alienware device you are looking at so hard to say if it’s a good deal or you’re getting ripped off. It’s also helpful if you mention what your main use cases are. e.g. Blender modeling, Archviz, rendering, environments or other main applications (Photoshop, gaming, etc…).

Cheers and happy Blending!

Well the loan today didnt get approved, i think the bank lady has got something against me, i know dam wel my income is 1900 a month and i only for a monthly spendage is only 1200, that is all bills as well, i know she putting extra on because i get told i spend all together 1850 a month, so that did work.

Tonight i apply for Latitude pay and it got approved and ask a choice between $1000 to $2000 and i chose 2 grand, so that means peoples choice my bank lied to me.

I check it out looks really awesome, so i thinking this model

Perfect for unreal engine 5 as well depending of EURO to AUD?

Hi James,

That looks to be an awesome machine but note that XMG setup looks to be the base price and adding things like a RTX3080 with 16GB will add up very very quickly! Are you living in Australia? The conversion is almost 1.6x to AUD which I have to say ouch to (it’s almost 1.5x for me as I live in Canada). Plus you will have to deal with shipping costs.

Is Blender or Unity a source of income for you? Just wondering as your budget looks to be quite high for this but sometimes one needs to take a realistic look at what you need your device for. I would love a powerhouse 32 or 64 core AMD PC with a RTX 3090 but I just do Blender for fun so it is not practical for me. I chug along with my pc from 2009. I sourced a new Xeon CPU from eBay back in 2011 so I got it for a great price and quite happy with it still.

Also have you explored your local stores/options like for example (discovered this while looking at Crowdrender’s video on external video enclosures at Turns out it can help Blender by a large margin. Something to consider also imho.

Not familiar with “Latitude Pay” but if it’s related to loans make sure you are careful and read the fine print. You might end up paying way more for your device which is something I’d recommend you try to avoid.

One other thing I will add is have you considered using something like GoFundMe? I believe you may have a compelling campaign.

I hope you are recovering well and please take care of yourself.

Cheers, good luck and happy blending!

The XMG brand was just an example. Since I am located in Europe, there is no problem to get these here. I don’t know about the other markets, the US seems to get them too? The deal is, as far as I know, the chassis (body) comes from the brand “Clevo”. The XMG (a German brand) then offers configurations for customers to pick and assembles the machine. There are quite a few other brands in Europe that use the same Clevo parts and assemble their own versions. One of them is “Slimbook”, a brand from Spain that deals in Linux computers.

In any case, if you cannot get XMG in your local market, try looking for “Clevo” or a derivative of that. They should be able to offer the same sort of machine for a similar price, after all, it is the same as XMG version. I would not try to ship from Europe, because the import taxes and exchange rates will just blow up the price like Paul said.

The reason why I would purchase a machine like this is its similarity to a concept of a desktop. You are freely allowed to configure things the way you want. No predetermined spec levels that often force you to pay for something useless, like a 1TB spinning drive. Also, they seem to be transparent on the spec of the components themselves. Like, the GPU, the wattage is clearly stated in the description on their website. The mainstream brands can be quite secretive about it, tricking you into buying a low wattage (low power = slow), high tear part.

Also, Paul had an important point, press the configure button and that will take you to the next page where you are allowed to select the components. The price in the screenshot is for the base model.

As far as Dell goes, between me and my peers, we had 6 desktops/laptops. Generally speaking, they were ok, reliable but often with questionable cooling. They would not melt, but run hot or loud. There was one desktop though that was a huge disappointment. It was specified with an intel i7 part, however, Dell gave the PC their own cheap motherboard only capable of delivering some power, but not quite enough for an i7. So, we paid for an i7, but got an i5 in reality, as the CPU cores would only get to 80% utilization under full load. I am not saying that this would be the case with the Alienware laptop you had in mind, but just a word of warning. If the company is big, it is not immune to some cost cutting at the expense of the consumer.

Then what about the MSI GE76 Raider 11UH 17.3inch Core i9 RTX 3080 Gaming Laptop looks a good buy.

Can’t speak about the reliability of the latest products from MSI, but the stuff from a couple of years ago, would suffer from chassis failures. Apparently, the plastics they use in certain parts would become brittle over time due to many heat up/cool down cycles. Things like screen hinges may fail. Over all, MSI is not known for strong reliability. Across the board of all products, be that a motherboard, a graphics card, a laptop, they seem to launch a dud in each category every generation. They do get things right, sometimes. I would suggest watching as many reviews on the model in question as you can, and read the comments from the owners too, before you pull the trigger. The specs look nice though.

Hay i found one it is compatible with Blender, photo studio, davinci reslove, and gaming recomended

The Razers are also known to have issues, namely the bloating batteries. Again, my bet would be that the hot internals damage the battery and it tends to bloat after some time. Some people report it happening a year, some two years into their ownership. It seems to be a well known issue, going on for many years now, but little is done to solve it. Probably, it will be solved once the entirely new chassis is launched in the future, similarly how apple kept selling Macbooks with keyboards that would break for what, 4 years straight? Then a brand new generation was introduced with the 16 inch model, carrying a brand new keyboard design.

Razers are interesting machines, especially if you factor in their thunderbolt accessories, the external GPU enclosures. That being said, I would be very hesitant to spend that amount of money on a device with a life span that could be very short indeed.

My local PC specialist that has been in business for 20 some years, told me that about the only laptop brand he would recommend is Acer. According to him, you get what you pay for and there is little chance of a nasty surprise. The powerful ones can be a bit bulky and have the “gamer” look, which is not for everybody. Also, at least in my market, I could not find the spec I wanted. Maybe you would have better luck.

Really? I’ve always thought of Acers as being low quality budget machines you grab only if you need something to get you by for a year or so. I’ve always put them on par with e-Machines in my mind.

That was my impression as well, although I have never owned one myself (bought Asus at the time - never again). Well the guy is a straight shooter, and the reviews online are pretty good for the predator series. It does not have the wow factor like the Razer does, but according to him, the machines are reliable and run fairly cool.

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I remember there use to be MSI GT76 Titan, since the RTX 3080Ti is out i dont think they exist anymore, and that type of Gaming laptop they were big and chunkie and strong and you knew you had a laptop, you could chuck it off the Eifle tower in france and no damage.

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That is some serious bit of kit. The heat pipe arrangement of the cooler is mighty impressive.