DELL xps 13 9350 notebook has bad display

I tested blender official 2.79, 116M, Mon Oct 30 03:13:48 2017) and 115M, Mon Oct 30 04:55:04 2017) on DELL xps 13 9350 notebook( win10 64 bits, Intel HD Graphics 520,1920*1080 desktop resolution. all drivers have been updated using dell update)

for the user preference, you can find that there is no tab( interface, edit, … system) shown. I have to use ctrl+tab to switch tabs

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then I want to change display scale, but I found that cursor has bad location. you can read that when I put the cursor in Line Width, it is actually display scale

when display scale is 1.5, the bottom part of tabs can be seen

any hints to solve this? Thanks

I can’t reproduce this behavior. Have you tried scrolling your mouse wheel? Perhaps those pieces are there, but you’re somehow scrolled a bit south in that window.

Do those buttons at the top appear when you view User Preferences from within another area of Blender? (that is, instead of using File > User Preferences, change one of the editor areas–like the 3D View–to User Preferences)

Seems like it is this Intel driver bug:
Things work better with older drivers with Intel.

Intel HD 520 driver 2016/10/7 works
but 2017/4/21 and 2017/10/2 does not