Delorean By DMC

Hey guys!
My name is Max, and let be present you my first work, That i decided to post on BA! (= And by a strange coincidence that’s my first post here too.

Every work is some kind of challenge. In this one, mostly, it was to create a car (never done this kind of modeling), and to lern how to cast shadows on Background (which is kinda easy, when you know how). And yeah.
I mostly concentraited on exterior, so interior is done poorly… )= and now im ashamed…

Any who!.. If I woulld judge my self, I would give 4 out of 5 (=

So. Any comments, critics, and ideas what to do next are welcome!

Have a nice time of day!


Where’s the flux capacitor? :smiley: Looks great!

nice job :slight_smile: maybe try a render with a hdri image? :slight_smile: