Delorean Time Machine

Hi there! Here´s the Delorean Time Machine from Back to the future.


Very cool.

Hope to see more renders. Like the back and Mr. Fusion? or is this the one from the first one so still Nuclear?

hey! thanks for commenting!
yeah, i’ll be doing more, for sure.
This one is from the first film, but i can easily add mr. fusion :sunglasses:

Definitely eager to see all it’s incarnations :slight_smile:

what is your plan with the models? short videos? stills?

all the stuff i make is mostly for stills, but yeah, i’d thought of making a video to show the details :smile:

awesome render! I love it

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That looks awesome! Nice job.

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marty… marty… :smiley:

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no no that suckers electrical. it just needs something with a little extra kick to make it into a 3d model

have you released this model? if so, where can i find it? @Disappa
if not, could you send it to me?