Delta Compositor (future replacement for shake?)

Delta compositor will be a high-end video compositing system and machine vision framework. Delta is intended to be the ideal package for Standard-Def, High-Def and Film Visual Media Postproduction. It is in very early stages of development and design.

Seems very serious project by

Looks very interesting

Just what the Open SOurce community needs, although Blender is rapidly filling this hole as well!

Keep your eyes on this, and hope that it doesn’t go down the path of other Open source High end video/effects softwares…


They aren’t even to the GUI stage yet. I think Jashaka is the closest to a viable OSS postproduction tool out there.

Granted I bought Shake when it was $3000 (4 months later they lowered the price) and now at its lower price point…it’s going to be hard to beat.

A notch below, but still rather effective for the price, are the FXhome products designed for the amatuar film/student film maker and budget. I don’t have composite lab, but have used Effects Lab Pro for a couple years now. It’s not the perfect tool for everyjob, but there are some tasks that it makes quick and good looking results.