delta cubed

once upon a time i tried to start a team project and, sadly, like alot of team projects started by misguided noobs like me, it failed miserably. but from it i pulled alot of pieces that worked well. after putting them all together and revamping the entire thing i came up with a new idea and a new game.

i’d like to thank mcguinnessdr and noobdestoyer for atleast tying to set me on my feet so long ago. they had a major influence on the game then and now. so thanks guys.

so without further ado, here are some screenshots and a blend file. you move with W, A, D, and S, pick up weapons with E and switch weapons with can carry two weapons at a time. press F1 - F3 to spawn enemies, and F5 - F7 to spawn friendlies. look with the mouse, and 1 and 3 rotate the camera anout you.

post any idea, thoughts, or anything useful.


that looks really good.

haha I like the style. Make the ground texture tiled smaller though

thanks guys. i was worried because when i posted this there was a toon cube style game thread just a few posts below this one, but the style are alot different i guess. oh, and about the floor tiles, eventually the whole area you start in will be replaced with a map of some sorts. i was thinking of making a test of the game by making a survival version were it just sends out waves of enemies and occasional weapons.later i want to make a simple storyline.