Delta Mush for Blender???

Heyy guys came across this awesome demo of delta mush deformer by Rhythm nd Hues…

I saw some videos on vimeo demonstrating the same using Fabric Engine…

nd some nice discussion on the fabric engine google group forums…!topic/creationplatform/EMxjQ3U9vVk

I was wondering if the same could be implemented in blender…
Fabric Engine runs the code on gpu…
I was wondering blender could compete with the speed of the same???

I was wondering if the same could be implemented in blender…
Are you volunteering to code it or fund its development ?

I wish to code it…but have very little knowledge regarding the deformers etc…

as per Roy Nieterau on the google groups -
The basic core algorithm should be something like:

  • Perform a laplacian on non-deformed mesh
  • R = difference in tangent space between non-deformed and non-deformed’s laplacian.
  • Perform a laplacian on the deformed mesh (animated mesh)
  • Apply R onto the deformed mesh’s laplacian.

so since Delta Mesh needs at least the Laplacian code
which Blender already has in form of the Laplacian Smooth modifier, it could be easier to make than in Maya.

  • in theory *

Hadn’t seen those Vimeo videos before. Delta Mush would be such a huge help as a modifier for animation.