Delta variant?! another stressful one

Delta is not only more contagious than previous SARS-CoV-2 variants, but it also has the potential to cause more serious diseases. When compared to those infected with another strain, people infected with the Delta variant have about 1,000 times the number of viral particles (also known as the “viral load”) in their nasal swab, “which is an enormous increase,” according to experts which are really stressful to hear… A lot of people can’t even have a normal living because some are jobless and can’t sustain their daily necessities. It brings a lot of stress and turns to anxiety if it goes on… Are you one of these people as well? Why not share your opinions and we can talk about it.

Dang, that variant is the worst. It spreads faster than the rest and even it is not that dangerous, it is still a threat.

we gonna start crying about the flu or common cold now?

we are one and a half years into the pandemic and there still are people who compare it to the flu or a cold? :+1:

if you are vaccinated you don’t have to worry that much about getting seriously sick by the delta variant yourself but it’s a bit worrysome if you have small children who can’t get vaccinated yet. :frowning:


The main problem is that even though the virus only severely affects a small part of the population, that small part is still enough to overwhelm most hospitals.

That bottleneck can be mostly solved if people keep wearing masks, adhere to social distancing and get the vaccine as soon as possible.


I am getting lots of mixed signals. Some say it is more dangerous (due to the increased potential in infection?) some say the actual curse of the disease is less dangerous and deadly.
Vaccinated people (when infected) seem to have stronger symptoms than those who are not since the virus might escape the immunisation from the earlier types, but also statistically lots of younger people seem to get infected and strongly affected by it.
Its about time the governments / pharma industry invests heavily in actual methods of treatment instead of putting all the eggs in the basket of vaccination only since this is a reactionary strategy instead of an proactive one. New variants will always spread faster than new vaccines be available that are able to deal with it.
Having to take more and more types of vaccinations (booster shots) is not the best strategy since it increases the risk of potentially compromising the immune system for other types of diseases since it overspecializes the immune system towards SARS-CoV-2, while lowering the natural ability of the immune system to fight off all kinds of stuff.

You have to worry as much as everybody else, the biggest factor that determines if you get seriously ill from it is not only the protective effect of the vaccines but your personal health overall, the strength of your immune system and the amount of co-morbidities that can potentially interact with it.

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I wonder if the kids who can not get vaccinated now but went into isolation to protect the old people in the beginning will remember that the old people are not willing to return the favor when the next pandemic hits and the young should once again stay home to protect the old.

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The information that reaches my country is that delta variant is much more contagious but not more deadly, although deaths will increase due to the fact that it is a more contagious variant.
Also the news that I have read says that in countries with a large percentage of vaccinated (as in England) the number of hospitalized and deaths remains stable without large increases due to the delta variant. In these countries with a high level of vaccinated when the summer begins to end and when the temperature begins to drop, it is expected that the number of infected will increase but to normal levels for what is all these kinds of respiratory diseases that always increase in winter. This indicates that although the vaccines reduce the effectiveness in preventing infections of the delta variant, the vaccines are still highly effective in preventing hospitalizations and deaths.

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delta is more contagious which means that you will more likely receive a higher viral load when you get infected. that can lead to stronger symptoms.

vaccinated people don’t have stronger symptoms. that’s nonsense. statistics say otherwise. basically they say that it’s a pandemic of the unvaccinated now. there are very few cases where vaccinated people also get seriously ill or die.

how is a vaccination reactive? treating the illness after you got it is reactive. :slight_smile: there are promising treatments though for example by the scientist josef penninger. just not ready yet outside of trials.

There’s also studies coming out that shows natural immunity being the best and longest lasting defense. We shouldn’t pretend that herd immunity did not exist until vaccines started to be introduced (as the WHO now outright implies in their new definition of the term). Your immune system has a memory, it will recognize the bug in the future (if you recovered from it) and it will know the type of antibody it needs to produce.

Since we now know that Covid is likely airborne, then the only practical solution really is laying out a path to (natural) herd immunity. The reality is getting the case numbers to zero will be like getting rid of the common cold, it is simply not going to happen (even in places that keep locking down like Australia).

Reports from Israel indicated that. Cases of people in the hospital that where fully vaccinated vs cases of people who weren’t. Could be other factors at play though.

I meant in general as a strategy. Vaccines are created in reaction to the variants - if new variants show up where older vaccines don’t provide enough protection they have to create new ones which takes time.
Treatments that suppress virus multiplication in the body for example could also be used as prophylactic for people that are at high risk.

But yeah - semantics, could both be called reactive.
There is a chance though that they’ll find a possible treatment that uses an attack vector on the virus that works on all current and future variants.

That the natural response of the immune system is strong is widely known and is nothing new. In patients whose immune response is stronger is where the risk is greatest, because the immune system itself overreacts to the unknown virus causing inflammation and a cytokine storm. So good luck to those who got infected and managed to save their lives, they will have a good antibody load.

This is why vaccines work. The vaccine alerts the immune system in a less aggressive way than contagion by the virus. And it has also been shown that the antibodies produced by vaccines are acceptably long-lasting.

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so let’s say natural immunity lasts two years and current vaccines a year. real numbers both seem to be even lower but i guess more data is needed.

are you ready for covid every two years? you and your family already had it right?

no, thanks! i prefer the booster shots. :slight_smile:

this natural herd immunity talk also always seems to come from “survival of the fittest is great” kind of guys.


By doing that you kill a lot of people in a short amount of time, including people that is not sick with the virus due the hospitalization problem, also poor people are more effected due the lack of resources. that’s called “eugenics”, were using in the past to kill a lot of people.

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The science is still fuzzy on that, just to note the technical name for Covid is SARS2, and there are people still resistant to SARS1 more then 10 years after being infected.

Though the studies regarding the efficacy of the vaccines over the long term (ie. long term risk vs. net benefit) is also being debated still. Then there’s also reports that all of the locking down and isolation may have weakened the ability for some to fight future infections, because your immune system will actually start to waste away if it has nothing to fight.

One final thing, is the debate as to whether the chance of not surviving hospitalization actually increases because of the widespread use of the ventilators. The fact is that modern ventilators are very invasive and can damage the lungs, so the design may actually be a regression from the Iron Lung.

This is very much not true. Your immune system remains at relatively the same strength throughout most of your life, provided you do the bare minimum necessary to maintain your overall health, and aren’t out busy starving yourself or something.

Being exposed to random viruses and bacteria in the wild will do nothing to prime your immunity against covid or any other random disease. Our immune systems are very specific, only immediately responding to threats its faced previously.

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Not only the “herd immunity” is a “eugenics” act.
It’s not reliable, because it can cause a lot more variants due the virus infection in a large amount of people.
To get a percentage of immunization that “ends” the virus spread, you need a large amount of people get infected, but in the process you can create another variant that can be more infectious and pass through you previous immune response of the virus.

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You can also bring about herd immunity through vaccinations, which is actually far preferable when dealing with highly mutable viruses, because you can limit the vectors it can spread through very quickly, preventing it from evolving further.


Yes, you’re right.

There was a recent news story (on Inside Edition) about a recent spate of videos uploaded (where those filming them report the worst cold they ever had, with some episodes lasting more than two weeks). Did the cold virus suddenly become stronger, or were their bodies just less prepared to fight it after having little exposure to that type of pathogen?

Anyway, I can’t say much else regarding my opinion on vaccines or Covid science, as the current policy on BA is extremely sensitive regarding this type of discussion (as previous threads can attest).