Hi, do you know if there’s any thing such as delta time?
I need to know the elapsed time passed between the updates.

Thanks. :eyebrowlift:

I don’t think there’s a built-in variable that times this, but you could time it yourself by just dividing 1 by logic.getAverageFrameRate() or logic.getLogicTicRate().

OK, nice idea I will be aware of it, thanks.

But in any case, as far as I know, Blender logic updates are accurate, no need fix timestep by multiplying with frame delta. Correct?

Blender logic tryies to process the 60 fps. If the overall processing takes longer the rendering will be dropped. The my dropped renders are 5.
If the processing time excceeds that limits, the render continues (every 5 logic steps) but the logic delays too.