Delxia Car Ad

A link to the 3840x2160 version:

My first real attempt at making a car with blender. As you can tell the materials aren’t fantastic. It isn’t perfect but I like it enough that i’m going to get a poster or 2 of it. Cars were modeled and rendered in blender. 1000 samples for the big one, 500 for each of the smaller ones. I used gimp to bring the poster together. My personal favorite is the black one. I have WIP pics if anyone cares. Comments are always appreciated.

Well, I can’t really give critique, as I can’t even see the car properly… nor read the text.

Did you click the image and/or the link to the huge version?

Y es, of course. Btw, im on tablet now and can actually see it properly. And… Well, it looks low-poly.

It is. For better or for worse. with crappy materials.