demented baby(first head model)

well, i’ve finally gotten the hang of modeling heads…i hope :]

anyway’s ill let you decide:

C&C welcomed

OK, I am trying to help you when I say this, but it really needs a lot of work.

You can get a lot better results with half the poly’s that you have used. You should look at this thread by TorQ on edgeloops and face modelling and work from it:

It will get you better results that you can use to get proper topology that is easy to manipulate and add detail to.

Keep at it.


oh, i totally agree, i haven’t about this the right way, definite improvement needed :]

but i do have a quick question…how would i go about just drawing the edge loops like he has in the tutorial ? i know i can do a cut with the “k” button…but it only allows certain ones to be selected…

You can add a plane and then delete 3 verts. Place the remaining vert where you want to start and either EXTRUDE the vert with the “E” key, or hold down CTRL and RIGHT CLICK your mouse to add a new vert. Then place that one manually as well.

When you have them all laid out you can face them with the “F” key by selecting 4 verts to get a quad face.


alrighty, i figured that was like the hard way or something and that the tutorial was using a differen’t method, either way, no worries, ill get to re modeling the head…except…i know it wont look the same, basically because i don’t have a reference pic, i just modeled this from scratch

You don’t really need a ref pic. As long as you follow the basic edge loop placement, you will get the desired results.

Just be patient with it. It will be frustrating the first few times. :wink:


one big rule: low number of polygones!!!

use subdiv for creasing and general smoothing
no more hundrets of polys :wink:

the mentioned tut is a good start for the face
this one is form wings but can be done in blender as well