So I’ve been working on a dementor for a project I’m doing for fun. I plan on compositing this model into live action footage, so I’m going for as photo-realistic as possible. I’ve had some help with the decaying skin texture, and now I am working on the robe. I want it to look as torn, worn, and tattered as possible. For those who don’t know, a dementor is a creature from the world of Harry Potter that sucks the happiness out of people. It is kind of an ethereal, floating, really scary monster thing. If anyone has any suggestions for how to make the robe look more like that from out of the real movie, it would be greatly appreciated!

The Movie

My work so far… :o

Thanks lots!

looks like you got a great start IMO. keep it up :slight_smile:

yeah it looks good, but I suppose you haven’t read the books? Cuz I personally haven’t seen the movies yet and I imagined the dementor completely different, try reading them and give your creation a personal touch xD I mean, the one in the movie seems cool, but I personally would be more fascinated by a somewhat more unique dementor. Just my opinion though, keep it up!

Hey thanks guys. :slight_smile: However, I am struggling with the robe mesh/texture. While it works well with the cloth simulator (especially in Blender 2.5), it doesn’t look the most realistic- or even tattered for that matter. Any help on the matter would be fantastic!!