[DEMO AVAILABLE] Hover Tank Battle League - Local Multiplayer Game

(rubeki) #1

Hover Tank Battle League is a small, local multiplayer game for Windows.

Have fun destroying your friends in a hover tank duel!

  • Local multiplayer goodness
  • Supports Xbox and Ps4 controllers
  • Single player mode against a bot with keyboard and mouse support
  • 4 arenas

GET THE GAME (and demo) HERE>> https://rubeki.itch.io/hover-tank-battle-league


I’m okay with giving out a few itch.io keys if anyone wants to play for free or do a youtube video :slight_smile:

(Fred/K.S) #2

Going to download it later this week !!!


(rubeki) #3

Thanks! Any feedback would be appreciated :slight_smile:

(k4rmatic) #4

how were you able to sell it, i thought there were many legal issues with selling a blender game.

(rubeki) #5
Demo now available here!!! >>> https://rubeki.itch.io/hover-tank-battle-league

@k4rmatic, There’s ways around the GPL license. Namely an EXE blender runtime that runs an external .blend file. I just renamed it to .rbk :wink:

Not very pirate-safe, but will do, as most of the population has no clue how blender games work! lol

I’ll make a tutorial later on once the project winds down - but I still have things to improve upon.

(gogon) #6

it looks fun, i[ll try it

(AudioFreakXD) #7

Not to be nit-picky, but why was this posted in “finished games” section and not work-in-progress since it is merely a demo?

Oh, a free demo is included. OK, gotcha.

(ethanimation) #8

Really simplistic but super addicting to play with a friend. If you were looking to extend the project I think some moving obstacles would be really fun.