Demo file

Hi, I was able to load this in the upbge 2.77, but yeah, no use to me, the model files are orientated side ways. My other files don’t load.

Uploading: Lisminigame.blend…

This original version lostscience was the user who assisted with this, the textures aren’t there, I don’t know if that works in the upge. 6mb

All the subsequent mini games were based off that, except for the programs in python by cotaks for a more complete working game.

For anybody who may want to try.

So what was the problem with the demo file, if special effects could be added because of the new upbge, one of the mini games may be portable to it. But that none of them work due to what ever it is that caused it. Could be the objects aren’t that well done, but they are what they are.

That was the older demo, I had a newer one with new features, but I got stuck with it, and I couldn’t go further.