Demo game the depth

so i decided to wrap up my latest project that are mostly not going to see the light, do to Either my lack of skills or because of my economic problems " bad PC / bad connection etc … etc… "

_ so the decision i made was that i am going to upload them as game files as blend files, for fun and to show off what can i really do .

previously i uploaded an unfinished game file called into the void

, and not i am uploading "a story of time "

controllers are

W S D A /for movement / 8 directions movement
TAP /to toggle run and walk
F/ to open doors and take items.
CTRL / to open your inventory and chose your weapons and use your items
Q/ equip the weapons or chose hands
LMB /to fire

the game was made by an oldest version of blender ,and there is completely no textures on the game
and its more like a demo or a system test, you’ll probably encounter a lot of bugs , because the oldest version of blender is really really annoying .

main character concept.blend (4.0 MB)

tell me what do you think, critics are also welcomed
for more art visit :


Nice work man can’t wait to see more, of your work very soon.

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thank yo so much man … it means a lot :slight_smile: