Demo of Erwin "Bullet" Coumans' p2p constraints

See what Erwin’s p2p constraints can do.

Experiment and have fun with the code. It’s mostly python though :-|. And post your feedback.

Download the blend file from the site below. In order to properly run the demo you’ll need my blender build, which enables the p2p constraint removal function - which is a good thing.

Enjoy :smiley:

I tried it, got the blender.exe build and the blend file, but I have python 2.4 and it keeps saying: No modules called vector.
Do I have to set a certain pythonpath? Normally python scripts work fine here because I play a lot with them in the game engine.

Same error here

Sorry :-|, it didn’t even occur to me to ensure that my local modules were included in the blend.
I’ve uploaded a new blend at the above link. It includes the vector module and it should work.

Thanks for the post.

Hehe works now, really nice demo btw. :slight_smile:


your patch is already in the cvs tree, right?

I did not find any diff’s.


Thanks, JD-Multi.

I’m working on a more robust implementation of the python code right now. I’m re-designing the p2pObject class so that the constraints are more flexible and easily applied in a variety of ways to GE objects (well, cubes for now). For example, right now the cubes can go up a block, but they can’t move sideways on a blocks wall. The p2pCube mapping has to account for perpendicular surfaces.

I think Erwin “Bullet” Coumans’ p2p constraints would be very useful for geometric games, or geometric puzzles, where precise, yet adaptable, motion is needed.

And Dreamkatana.

About that CVS patch, Erwin has just updated the CVS with a fix for removing constraints properly. I’m gonna check it now right now.


Erwin’s latest build (below link) fixes the p2p constraint bugs. :smiley:
So use that for my p2pCube.blend demo (at the above link) instead of my fixed build.