Demo Reel 2008

This is my demo reel of recent 3D models and short animations. I’m not great at animation but this is the best of what I’ve done. Everything in the video was made by me including the song. Sadly the video quality is a little lacking.

See if you can enjoy it anyways :P.

Demo Reel 2008 - Vimeo

Demo Reel 2008 - Youtube (poor quality)

  • Crititrozoz

Cool Crititrozoz:) looks nice :slight_smile: should of maybe included some speed modeling you’ve done =P

Very nice. As for hints though, it’s a 17 second intro with text and the attention span of many recruiters (if you are looking for work) I’ve been told is 5-15 seconds to grab their attention. Often they wont watch to the end if they aren’t grabbed.

I would personally put the vehicle first, guitar second for this reason. The vehicle is amazing btw, I think it was my background for a while. :slight_smile:

One more thing, “Lym Story Character” seems to be the best ‘presented.’ Smooth rotations, easy to see. The guitar spins quickly a few times instead of slowly once. Would it be better to have it ‘upright’ and no ground plane perhaps? The vehicle it is nice that you show multiple angles to show off the hard work you have put in, but three or four angles max with smoother slightly longer camera pans would let the viewer soak in the detail more than simply more angles I think.

If this is a personal thing and not really for jobhunting, take what advice you like. It’s good work, just trying to help you with the presentation like people on the forums have helped me previously with this sort of thing. :slight_smile:

i go along with ben.
not suitable for jobhunting, but a great overview on your skills. i see many things i like.
a note from me, wireframes.
especially on the lowpoly chars… and not just switch wireframe/solid/textured. do some fancy stuff. like a wireframe material, and then blend the material over to a solid material and get another char or effect that looks like it gets painted.
IMO a demo reel for job application has to be the perfect symbiosis of tech and art.
show you know all the tech and present it with style.


I like this reel. My favorite is of the vehicle. It looks very professionally done. You have something I envy, it’s the ability to actually complete your reel regardless of how good your work is.

I agree, the intro is a bit long, also the vehicle should probably be first, as it is the most impressive. Great job!

ddwangz: Thanks man :slight_smile:

BenDansie: Thanks for the crits :). As for the intro, I did make the video but it is still a bit long for just introducing the demo reel. The purpose of the reel is for applying to university so not for a job application. Glad you like the vehicle :slight_smile: The Lynn character I actually re-rendered for the demo reel. That was the problem with a lot of the art pieces in the video is that I don’t have the files or the versions anymore from when I had made them so it would be pretty much impossible to re render a lot of them. Thanks for the input, I’ll definitely keep it in mind for future projects!

arexma: Thanks man for the tips. I must say that as far as video editors go I’m lacking as I don’t have the money to buy a nice editor that would allow the kinds of effects I would want. I could attempt this in blender but I’m on a time schedule so that’s out. But the wireframe effect idea is a good one I’ll keep in mind :).

“IMO a demo reel for job application has to be the perfect symbiosis of tech and art.” I like this thought.

Paul Mcgrade: Thanks man, glad you liked it. I have one motivating factor you may not: a deadline :stuck_out_tongue:
But ya, it’s tough to finish big projects that you loose interest in or are frustrating.

tcrazy: Thanks man!

hey that’s really cool!
5 stars for sure :slight_smile:

could you please tell me how you made that awesome smoke? i used a tut from the blend mag, but i’m wondering if you used a better way, because yours looks really cool. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very nice demo reel. I love it!

very nice reel Crititrozoz… i enjoyed it… :slight_smile:
i think Ben said it all… i also noticed your signature at the bottom wasn’t consistent and it gets blurred in the man’s scene… so you might wanna be a little more careful with how it would look

i don’t think you gave the vehicle a fair amount of the video, i’ve seen some shots of it in the past, and i think the interior was great, you could put some of it there.

best wishes,