Demo Reel 2011, Nathan Vegdahl

Hey guys,
I just finished putting together my 2011 demo reel. I am currently looking for work as a freelancer.

On YouTube:

Full-resolution download H.264:

Full-resolution download WebM:

Please take note of the “what I did” box in the lower-left corner of the video. It says what I did on each shot. I did not animate every shot in the reel, for example, so be mindful.

Also, in the shots from Sintel it says that I did rigging. But please note that Angela Guenette ( created all of the facial shapes for the characters in that film.

Amazing work Nathan. I especially like the Project London Robot and the Sintel Dragon.

Wow… that’s a very crafted reel, just brilliant! I wish, you get a call from Hollywood studios someday. :slight_smile:

Nathan, would you like to tell us something more about the project you did with National Geographic? I know little about it when you talked about it at Blender Podcast.

+1 sabretooth pussycat info, it was awesome!

Very nice reel. Well done!

I loved that cat pretty awesome

Nah… I’d probably just turn them down anyway. “Hey you want to come work on The Next Big Film?” “No thanks, I’m busy working on a silly little cartoon about a naked cat. It’s way more fun. Do you guys want to come work on that?” “Hmm… I guess working in hollywood is getting a bit boring. Yeah, sure, why not?”


Nathan, would you like to tell us something more about the project you did with National Geographic?

Sure. It’s called “American Cougars”, made by Hogan Films. It’s airing in the USA on the National Geographic channel on December 11th. I just have a 30 second animated clip in it, which is almost entirely in my reel.

Everything on my end was done entirely with open source software. Linux, Blender, Gimp, and MyPaint. All the 2d animation was done by first animating a crappy low-res model in 3d, and then frame-by-frame drawing over it in MyPaint (yes, it was tedious). I then used Blender to composite those drawings with the final 3d renders of the cougar skeleton.

The cougar skeleton model was adapted from a lion skeleton model that the client provided. The adaptations were pretty heavy, since cougars and lions have very different proportions and skull shapes. The cougar skeleton texturing was done using Gimp and Blender. I created tiling textures (adapted from photographs) in Gimp, and then used Blender’s 3d paint tools to apply them to the model.

I used Rigify for the rigging, of course, and I had to create a new spine rig type in Rigify for the cougar, which is now the default spine in Rigify.

The total animation took me about 2 months to make, from start to finish.

Very nice! Looking forward to project London!

Veggie! Hugs dude! Good to see you alive and kicking! I actually stumbled upon your demo reel on, looks really nice. I love how the visuals and the music groove with each other.
I wish I had a job to hire you for. Rigging is such an important skill; Under-appreciated like most technical/creative hybrids. Keep it up man! You going to work with Ian on Project Mango? I would apply, but I’m not up to snuff. :no: You got the skills though.