Demo Reel 2012

Hi all! Hope everything is going okay for you all.

Demo reel for some of my work up to December 2012.

As usual, both Vimeo and YouTube versions provided in case one doesn’t work for some, but they’re the same video, so you don’t need to watch both (unless you want to…). =D

Hope you all have a great day!


Whoa… (need I say more?) This is amazing work as always, Dan! I love the detail you put into your work as well as the fantastic walkthrough animations you use.

Hey! It’s mvortex! =D How you been!? We still gotta get together. =(

Thanks! I’m glad you like it. I slapped it together a little fast, seeing as things have been busy lately, but I hope it doesn’t show too much.


I know, we really outta do that soon, I’ve been pretty busy too, though. But anyway, your work looks fantastic, I wouldn’t have thought of it as a quick throw-together at all.

TOP notch work Dan! Keen eye on everything and dedicated to quality. Professional and sure to get you hired wherever you may seek! Nice work!

(sigh) Silently walks away in shame…

Very nice,

some of the space ship scenes would be more dramatic if they were dark with a light attached to the camera, with some volumetric mist, :slight_smile:
you could stitch it to the end of the video with slightly different textures and jerky cam movments and maybe some hands, etc and it would feel like a whole new scene,

Woah. Thanks, everyone, for your awesome nice comments.

I’m really glad some people liked it! =D


Wow! Seriously one of the best reels I have ever seen.

I especially like the cinematography for all of the interior shots.

Keep up the awesome work Dan:D!

Nice work Dan, great to see it all come together. Where does the music track come from, it is suitably awesome to go with the images.

Hey all,

Thanks for your nice comments! =D I’m glad you liked it.

The soundtrack is from I bought the rights to a couple of royalty free music albums while they were on sale. I highly recommend this site if you need some music for your movies that isn’t gonna get you shut down by the industry. =D

Hope you’re all doing okay.

Have a great weekend!


this was just awesome - keep up the good work next year. Which projects will you take on then?

Hey ddter! Anything that comes my way. I’m hoping to expand my online asset library a lot to make more sales, but sales are iffy and slow and I’m starting to lose ground there. It seems like other, more talented artists have begun putting up better stuff than mine in the fields I’m working on (and have seriously undercut me, too). So, I’m kind of at an impasse. Otherwise, any custom jobs I get will be greatly appreciated. We will see.


Amazing job, I really like your demo, great music choice too.

God, Dan. When it’s all put together in a single video, it’s just amazing the quality of things you’ve done over the past months. If I had never seen any of your vids, I can’t imagine how floored I’d be right now.
Simple fact is, I’ve seen a lot of your work over the past few months.
And I’m still floored.
(Personally, I’m building a mud statue. And a small village nearby. The townspeople all call it “Danstown”…)

…err…well, thanks Adam! So long as there’s no corny hillbilly song involved, I suppose. =)

Thanks SR3d, and Adam for your nice comments. =)


Epic, but don’t forget the hat!

We shall call it Dan’s hat!

“Mighten y’all wanna step a few paces back before he opens that…”
“How’s it sit? Pretty cunning, don’t ya think?”
“I think it’s… the sweetest hat ever.”
“Man walks down the street in THAT hat, people know he’s not afraid of anything!”
“Well, let’s hope we get some funny hats too…”

Sorry to hear of the sales outlook. I guess it’s hard to compete with new-comers trying to establish themselves, and these days you are competing with other income strata (in countries with different incomes).

…oh dear. This thread is turning into a Firefly nostalgiafest. =D

Yeah, you make a good point, 3point. It’s okay. I’ll make it somehow. I broke open my old copy of 3DSMax 7 last night and started tinkering around with it again. I loathe it thus far, but that’s because I hate having to re-learn a whole different GUI. Thankfully, everything in 3D is usually very intuitive cross-platform, at least in my experience compared with expectations. So it’ll be okay, I think.