Demo reel 2012

Hi all.

I leave my demo 2012,

It’s my first demo and summarizes a year of learning Blender from zero. Just hope you like.

criticism and comments are welcome


Awesome progress over one year.
Overall it’s sweet, but you know what’s absolutely horrible. This stupid blend effect betwen the scenes.
The same 90’s blend effect for a 100 times… it already annoyed me after the 10th time :smiley:

For a real good demoreel:

Only show off your BEST works.
Don’t use these blend effects.
Make it short, no 6min+, break it down to 1-2 min, while showing off your best work!
You don’t need any blend effect or effect on the typo… this is kinda “unpro”, because they aren’t anything special, every kid one youtube has them…too often… it’s like those cast shadows underneath types… hehe.

Beneath that, there are some nice works in this videos. It’s kinda sad, that I can’t bring myself to watch the video, I just clicked through it…

Nice work, but way too long. No one (other than friends and family) will watch the entire thing. And lose the transitions between scenes.

Thankx for the comments.

i wil take not, no blend transition between photos.only best works, noo boring works , And yes, its a bit…very,very long, 2 minuts no 6, and turn off effect in text in video edition program, :stuck_out_tongue:

i have to think in one person who have to watch 10-15 demos in one hour, and yes is boring for him loook videos like that, thankx for the sincerity.