Demo Reel 2015 T-bull

Greatings from Wrocław! :smiley: I would like to present to you demo reel contains animations done over past year for few companies (T-bull, The Dust, A&A Games).

so awesome, you’ve got great animation skill. Did you take classes?

nice animation skills!!! We want more :wink:

a little workflow? how to animate, tricks and tips?

Nice stuff …

Those robot death animations are sick! I especially like the first one, and his swipe attack!

thanks for good word :smiley: no i did not take classes… 2 years from scratch… for now its only 2 years.

one man said to me that my work must be awesome because my characters should be move as people do. thats the tip :smiley: watch out how people walks, how animal walks and watch out how everything moves. forgive me my english. poland. a lot of alkohol :smiley: