Demo reel character models

Hello everyone,

I’ve been working hard on my demo reel recently whenever I can get the time. I’m putting together a total of about 12 models to show off. I’m in progress of revamping some old ones and doing some totally new ones. Here’re a couple that’re getting close to be finished, I’ll continue posting updates and new models as they come about. Enjoy!

Oh, I LOVE that second one. Is it a full model? Or does it really cut off the legs like that? You should definitely complete that one, textures and all, and put it in a sweet animation. Its just too cool not to. Are you going to have each model in your demo reel just spin, or are you going to have each of them in their own unique animation? The latter would obviously be tougher to accomplish, but would be loads more impressive.

Good work, mr_bomb. (I just love that name.)

Wow nice models man! They look great. All the muscle’s look great! Can’t wait to see your demo-real!

loOoks really clean. post more, we hungry…

The vampire will be a complete model, I’m still working on it. There will also be a whole scene to go along with it. However, it probably will not be animated. Not for the reel anyway, my animation skills are a bit lacking.

Each of the single models will just spin, with various close ups and such, and then ones with whole scenes will have the camera traveling through them.

Cool, sounds good. Can’t wait for the end.

Looking great, but then who am I to judge ;). I assume this is a demo reel for modeling characters right?
You might be interested in this presentation from siggraph: “Resumes and Demo Reels: If Yours Don’t Work, Neither Do You!”
You can watch it at online for free (at least til the 31st of October).

I’d try to define the collar bone more accurately its kind of just floating on the pecks and not running over and connecting to the top of the shoulder. The ribs/stomach area is looking under defined in comparison to the rest of the model. These are looking hot mr bomb.

Here’s an update to the Vampire. Primarily worked on the legs:

Here’s another model in the works. I’ve still got a bit of tweaking to do but it’s mostly done : )

Man, those are truly awesome! I also love the texture you’re using. It looks almost like velvet. At least from this distance, anyway.

whats the color ramp settings on that? its a nice way of showing models

There’s no ramps actually, it’s all in the ligthting. The material is nothing but a medium grey.

Here’re a couple closeups and a back view of the female model… Enjoy!

Those are all great!

sorry for reviving that , but those models are really great :slight_smile:
cool work mr_bomb

Glad you like them : )

The thread isn’t all that old yet, I’m still updating it : )

Stay tuned for more updates coming soon!

Wow great models!! :slight_smile:

They’re great! Will we see by any chance Something animated? plz… pretty plz…

I don’t know about animated, but certainly dynamically posed : )

Ohh… :frowning: Ok still pretty neat though. Keep them coming Mr. Bomb :smiley: