Demo Reel Curriculum Development

Hello all Blenderheads!!! what’s up?! I was wondering if you guys would be willing to help me with developing a demo reel curriculum for my last semester of school…ready for details? Alright here we go!

Ok so I am graduating college in the spring of 2014 at Illinois State University, my major is Arts Technology and I am doing an Independent Study in this last semester. Now the Arts Technology program is not yet capable of teaching 3D modeling for games/film/tv/vfx industries and any of whom I have failed to mention. The program is primarily web/graphic design/video driven and I have found that these have helped me a lot in understanding the key concepts and executing those concepts. I’m primarily self taught in 3D thanks to the internet and one of the requirements for the I.S. is to develop a calendar of deadlines within the project and date of expected completion.

So what would be a good way to establish a demo reel curriculum as far as how should I divy up phases in a 16 week period? How long should I work on good high quality models, when should I start compiling, etc.? How do you guys go about a demo reel creation? Where can I go to see an example of a curriculum?

Also, I am working on models now to get a good head start, would this help or be detrimental? This is only to complete my studies for I know and am excited for the real practice that comes after.