Demo Reel within Blender

Hey there,

this is my first time here to post something and i have an overview of my projects so far. It is some time ago that i have followed here regularly. You might find some scenes of prominent tutorials, but most of them are free designs. There are some Logo - Animations, Landscapes and Indoor-Objects.

Especially the first part of the video is done recently. Everythings done and rendered in Blender Cycles, also postproduction and film editing is done in Blender.

Feel free to comment.


work super :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand: :ok_hand:
how to work the book animation would you please tell me

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Very nice work, YellowSub1. The intro seemed like it was taking a bit long, but resolved well.
I have one comment and one critique.
First, in the shot over the ocean, which fades into a flyover of a jungle, it would have been great to see that jungle on an island in the ocean in the distance, becoming more clear as you approached. Let prospects see how you handle level of detail.
The only critique I have is the wood textures, compared to all the others, are not the same high quality. It is discordant: beautiful realistic appearing ceramic dishes and metal utencils and containers on a lower quality wood table. That’s the only thing, in my opinion, that needs some work to make the whole reel top notch.

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The Book actually is a remake of a tutorial series from CG Cookies. You can find it here:

Thanks man, i agree with that!
At that time i took picture of a real table and couldn’t make a good height map ect. out of it. Today i would go for a different approach.