demo reel

well, following in the footsteps of broken, I’m pasting my demoreel here- nothing new :), but also edited in the blender sequence editor- click on the imag e to go there ( you need java to view the stream, but there are two downloads you can right-click-and-save-as)

Well frankly, your level of skill is rediculous. I’m greatful we have such talent batting for the Blender team :slight_smile:

Are you as capable with any other 3D modeling program?

well at least most of us have seen the E.D. so it wasn’t that much of anything new, but its a great Reel!

I tend to agree with Felix. There is a lack of variation in the reel. It’s a lot of comps of ED and your old stuff. Nothing really, new.

Maybe you should add in some of your model images as well? Wireframes, etc., so people can see that you are capable of making the models too.

Nice work as always though. You are a great animator.


Work more the animation part, showing simple but insightful animation pieces, with armatures hints and such, and straight 3Dview video captures, showing the complexity of your work. Since specialisation is the key at your level, you should get across what are you specialised on in a more clear way, as BgDM as said.