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sorry for the newby question, but how do i make a demo reel. Am i supposed to use the game engine to do that. i rendered the car with yafaray. I guess yafaray is useless for a demo reel. The only thing i know how to do with the game engine is to enter it. after that im lost. I want my camera to move around the car for a while with wireframe shown, the i want the wireframe to convert to rendered textures as the camera is circleling the car. At the end i want the camera to stop as the car drives off. I have been looking for tutorials all morning but cant find anything. But i might not know what im looking at cause im to new to this part of Blender…
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
I would also like to this thread to discuss overall demo suggestions since their are so many employers that are tired of looking a crapy demos. If I can get a little help with the demo, i will post constant updates explaining why i did what i did with references… Hopefully, this thread will help people with the quality of their domo’s, so that they stand out with 200 or more demo reels. It would be great if others could post their demo’s for critique’s as well.


you simply make an animation and instead of rendering image render animation… It might take a while to render depending on your detail… and for just one car I see a “demo reel” of less than one minute unless you have an interior thats modeled well you want to show off

so i just need to constrain a camera to the car or an empty and rotate the camera around the car. my first key frame would be my primarya angle and then i need to my make 4 or 5 key frames around the car with the neseccary fill frames?

basically… you also have to add what type of transformation you want… go to youtube and watch some blender animation tutorials… it will give you the idea a whole lot better

rotate the camera around the car

Never do that it will take you a while to make it look perfect. Here is what you do:
*Create an Empty.
*Parent Camera to Empty
*Rotate the EMPTY, NOT the Camera. :):)))))

Ok now that we got that out of the way, I have some great resources for you!

**First is inspiration! Take a look at this awesome Demo Reel by Js Guillemette (who i believe currently works at the blender institute, or he did):
**Second, I believe that time is not an issue. I think you should make it as long as it needs to be to show all you work in the best quality possible.
**Third is the technical stuff:
~~Here is a Wire Frame Render tutorial for Demo Reels:
~Here is a basic 3PT+ Lighting Setup, that works Great with Demo Reels I think:
~~Here is a tutorial to improve the presentation of your models:
~Here is how to render on an infinite ground plane (like Pixar’s lamp intro animation thing…you’ll see):

Now, your car doesn’t look realistic, I suggest you make some reflections or something…
~~Here is a Audi R8 thread that has good renders, as well as a .blend! So you can study that here:
~Here is an introduction to the compositor by Andrew Price! Definitely worth checking out if you have trouble with it!

And of couse this guy (Andrew Price) is worth checking out, as he has some very good tutorials at !
Whew, lots of stuff, if I forgot some thing i will post it later. Any questions? No? Good! Now make an awesome Demo Reel lol!
Gd Luck Mate!

thanx guys for the critiques and help… i will look at the the animation tutorials and see what i can do. ill will post my trials along the way…Andrew Price has a great demo. thanx for the link. I agree that the car has no reflections. I have tried and tried to fix this. I will try a few more things with the paint material to see what i can do.

Just to clear up, the demo reel i gave the link to is by Js Guillemette, not Andrew. :wink:

And when doing reflections, make sure you have some thing to reflect. meaning if you just have the car and background, you will not get any reflections, no matter what material settings you use. So one way to get reflections, is to put more stuff in the scene, another is an HDRI image.

well, props to guillemette. great demo.

i think my problem was that i didnt have my lights visible. i turned on make visible and got some reflections…ive been out all day and i haven’t had time to work on the car but i do a render in a min. and post it.

finally got some reflections, but i think the paint is still off


The image is scaled down, I am guessing it was higher res. so now you see weird colors, and fuzzyness. Upload the high res to imageshak or something, or upload a low res (you can upload max resolution of 1024x1024 i think, and if you go over that, they scale it down.)

I dont like the lights, mostly that they are qube looking, i mean they are 3d not 2d, they dont look like light acually, more like a 3d grid, so what you can do it move thep up so you dont see them in the render, or make them look better. Do you have grilles or just a black plane covering the holes, where a grille should be?
And the background doesnt look to well i think. first of all the car should be closer, after all this is what you are showing, not the bacground or lights… take a look at these:
All of these have the car as the center of attention.(remember the demo reel i showed you? everything was pretty close there too.) (They have good camera angles and rotations too, but that is for still renders)
So try to experiment on that.

i parented the camera to the empty and set a key frame on one. i moved to frame 100 and set another key frame the with the empty turned 180 degrees. it seemed to work fine but now it the camera won’t turn with the empty. and yafaray rendders 3 of the same key frames…
any suggestions…

Err, weird…Did you accidentally parent the empty to the camera? or maybe you did a track to constraint?
or you might have forgotten to add a key-frame at 100, or at 1

Here is a .blend, it works perfectly, in case you cant figure it out(v2.49)


empty rot.blend (129 KB)

the lights were supposed to be a abstract thing. something different. Ill definitaly move the car up closer and ill play around with the lights some more. The grills are are modeled with an array and a lattice…
how do i change the resolution

Resolution change? Didnt you do it already? I think it is high now, so it got scaled but here is a screen-shot. change the Size x and Size y(red outline), alternatively you can render 75%, 50%, and 25% of your current settings,(green outline)

Hmm the grille looks like a plane, maybe it will be seen better when you move the car closer in.


i am rendering with yafaray…i haven’t changed the resolution…unless i did it on accident. why do my reflections look like their an inch thick. the links to the cars that u showed have reflection but they dont look real. the bmw in the link has a smoother transition from the reg. paint to the reflections… is that the exp. or the ior, or the glossy setting…???


MUCH better with the car closer. But maybe center it?
Here check this thread out, he has pretty good renders, and a .blend too(last post), so you can study the setup he has.

Sometimes reflections are more than an inch thick, it depends on what is reflected.
Now the grille can be seen–very good
The wheel rims look weird, i mean in terms of color, wait a sec now that i looked at it again,why are they indented in, like um…there is some space before the design actually starts…home i am making myself clear here. But I think your indentation might be effecting the colors too.

my demo reel is long but i learnt that too much stuff for too long just gets … a little… long?
… change the subject a bit, the car looks good. try using some hdrs:

ionee, thanks for your post mate, i am sure he could use those hdri, i already downloaded them. I have been looking for just plain once, but i only get some street or building hdri.
So ty again for this great resource!

If the car is the only thing you have worthy enough for your demo reel, I would say it should be about 20 seconds long (to give you enough time to display your contact information). Make your reel as short and to the point as possible, don’t repeat anything, if they want to see it again, they’ll replay it.

i have a slight indention modeled on the tire where the rim meets. I think the issue with rims is aliasing…there is also some fireflies in this shot. I thought i increased the samples, but i guess i forgot.
DDD, i will study the blend file u gave ( i just now saw that) to try to find my problem with the anim.

the only reason i haven’t used a hdr image is b/c i wanted the entire scnene to be modeled. I have a 5700 square ft house modeled next to a river but when i added a tree with twigs (b/c environments need trees) the twigs brought my file size to 26000000…it took 7 minutes for me to switch from object to object. so i left it alone…but i wanted the car placed on a windy gravel road that led up to the house. and entire property was supposed to be surrounded by huge trees cut away by the road. im sure you get the picture. Anyway, i have been trying to figure out how to get 3d trees( not trees on planes) i could do that for the middle of the wooded area, but i want to fully model my trees in easiest reached places. do yall have any suggestion on that.

asano, the car is the only thing i have modeled other than the house. and the house needs textures that i haven’t even begun to gather yet. i would get them online, but most decent seamless high res. textures cost money…and im broke untill BP calls me to help out for the oil spill.

It would be nice to start making money via modeling…maybe i should sell some models on turbosquid…(not the car…the interior is not complete)

Im going to do a long render to clear up some of the aliasing and i post it in the morning.