Demo Reel

Demo reel I recently created. Enjoy!

Wow Tai, you have obviously worked very hard, and done something few can do by themselves.

I hope you get lots of feedback on this, you will need it to improve, and you have shown that you have what it takes to be great at this.

Ditch the stolen character. Or post a copy of your license agreement with Pixar.

Don’t reenact scenes that have already been done, unless you plan to do it better. The weight was terrible in the opening scene of your reel.

Learn animation! Drop the character acting (though you did have some good bits near the end) and go study the bouncing ball. Learn about timing, arcs, weight and physics. Practice walkcycles. Study body language.

Concentrate on your animation skills. You have proven that you can rig, model, and texture. Show those things off with turntables, wireframes, and rig demonstrations. The point of a demo reel is to get hired, whether by a company as an employee, or as a freelance artist.

Customers, real ones, don’t know anything about cg. They don’t know the amount of effort you put into this. Blow their mind with sexy wireframe reveals that showcase your models from all angles. Do fades from the base sketches, to the sculpt, then the texture, then the lighting. Hopefully you will be presenting your work in person, having parts that show your work process can help the client understand what goes into producing what they want, and therefore drives up the value.

When you are ready to do a character animation piece, understand how much time you will need to pull it off properly. Don’t think about how long you have already spent modeling,rigging,texturing, these tasks are usually performed by someone besides the animator anyway. Did you know that a character animator, working at dreamworks on a feature film, is only expected to produce between 5 and 9 seconds of animation per week? Trouble is, many beginning animators sit down and expect to pull off a great performance in one night. If it takes Ollie Johnston an hour to hit one pose, with his 40 plus years experience, how are you going to get a great pose in any less?

I am telling you this because I wish someone had said these exact words to me about 2 years ago. I would be much further along if I had understood these principles, and I certainly have made all of your mistakes and more. Best thing that ever happened to me was joining the 11-second club, I highly recommend it. Hope to see you there.

awesome advice man! thank you for the post and advice! what is the 11 second club?

Basically it is an animation club ran by the animators who work at the major studios. I don’t know much of the history of the club, though I remember it used to be 10-seconds. Google it. :slight_smile: I won’t post the link. :wink: (make em work to find it) :slight_smile: