Demo reel

Well, I missed the Friday hangout, but here’s my demo reel anyhow. Some new stuff in here as well as some improvements to very old projects. Crits welcome.

Some pretty good stuff there mate. Camera movements in the fight scene were a bit much though.

I remember that spider-creature VRML scene! Nice!

Not a bad demo reel at all. I like the intro the best with the closeup of the spaceship. :slight_smile:

Just some advice. I wouldn’t use the “Inception” theme song though as it’s ©Copyrighted and could get you into a heap of trouble. Search for “Royalty Free” music. There’s lots out there that can be used legally.

Thanks for the comments !
CD38, really nice to know someone remembers this stuff :slight_smile:

About the music, YouTube tends to (at worst) mute the audio, but more usually they just display adds (the whole Inception soundtrack is available there in any case). The downloadable version on my website is mute.

totally cool, as always.