Demo up p.2, problems still exist (race game)

I’m having major problems with this (working in 2.37a). I’m doing a Mario Kart-style racing game. As such, I need the kart to bobble around when hit with something. However, only by increasing Form and Damp can I prevent it from bobbling on the ground.

I know that problem will be fixed with 2.4’s bullet physics. But here’s another problem: everytime you get hit, the kart needs to return to the upright position once it lands no matter how hard it gets it. I can’t do this with an IPO because even using 1 RotIPO curve will force the other two to exist, rotating the kart to it’s start-line direction. And I can’t find a force that works consistently (i.e.: that always puts the kart upright and not on its side). Another thing, I’ve tried using Fh stuff but it either shoots the kart into the air when I start the game, does nothing, or has the kart drop through the floor. This Fh problem doesn’t exist in 2.25.

I’ll keep looking for tutorials (haven’t found much yet), but in the meantime I’d like your opinions.

If you go into the curve editor window after making the curves (press CTRL+LEFTARROW and it is on the left) then you can select the two curves you dont want, and delete them with DEL or KeyX.

Tried that repeatedly. The curves disappear, but the rotation setup before the game is started is still enforced in all three dimensions. Same with Loc and Size.

You can add single axis ipo’s in the ipo window

Start with an empty ipo block

select Zrot(or whatever you need)from the list on the left(highlighted white)

Control plus leftmouse adds ipo points where you need them

then edit as per normal for the final tweak

Hope this helps it should fix the unwanted ipo info as it was never added in the first Place

Dr S


Or Maybe the right side of the ipo window

Dr S

Doesn’t work, even with the dLocZ curve. I assume all objects are keyframed where they are when you press P…

Are you putting the ipo directly onto to the Kart or using an empty that has the kart parented to it? I just did a test in 2.37a using an empty that had a disc parented to it and a simple motion and ipo play actuater. It seemed to go ok only getting zrot when I hit a key.

Hope this makes a difference I have had a similar prob with getting characters to jump without heading back to start pos of game

Dr S

the dLoc and dRot curves do not work in the game engine, you’ll have to animate as the child of another object as “Dr S” says

I understand the logic of using parenting to make jumps, but for rotation the child object rotates around the parent object instead of itself.

Here’s an update. I’ve fixed the Fh problem. However, I can’t use Box bounding (not rigid body) because the kart stops suddenly at random intervals. I assume this is the front bottom edge getting “stuck” on an edge of the track, but the track in said area is flat. Cylinder and Cone boundings make the kart tumble at odd times while Polyheder and Polytope have no effect. For proper collision detection, I need something other than Sphere bounding.

Sorry Toomai
I meant if you make the parent empty a ghost and snap the kart to the parent empty then parent will rotate the kart around its own axis(like a dummy center)

Dr S

So is this what you mean?- Kart parented to emtpy- Empty is Dynamic Ghost with constant anti-grav force- Kart is Dynamic and RotFh enabled- Empty has movement/rotation keys- Kart has flip-rotation keysOr is this it?- Kart parented to emtpy- Empty is Dynamic and RotFh enabled- Kart is Dynamic Ghost with constant anti-grav force- Empty has movement/rotation keys- Kart has flip-rotation keysI’ll be using a stretched cube instead of an empty so I can get proper collision detection.

I’m starting to think I have my very own bent way of using blender.
I probably would have left the new empty out of physics all together and sent a collision message to the new empty to do the ipo spin when you crash out. Just a minute…

I just went back to read your original post and…
Are you talking about the Zaxis spin in Super Mario kart (If I remember right) or do your karts take a full tumble turning through all axis and you need to make them upright again

Cos I think I’m talking about the Zaxis job like in Super Mario kart
and not being very much help at all
and I’ll have a think about the 2nd problem.

Dr S

I’m talking about both: a banana slip around the Z axis and a shell hit around the X axis or more.

The upright landing is easily accomplished with RotFh, but then you may be facing the wrong direction. Doesn’t happen often, but…

Now that I’ve read the procedure in your recent post, I’m going to try it out. Hope it works.

EDIT: Right, it works. That problem’s been finally fixed. Next difficulty: getting an object to follow a path until it sees its target, when it shoots towards it.

Hi Toomai
I have put a screen shot on my site of the logic bricks of a setup for your ipo to tracking issue. I have just have a cube doing its ipo thing or tracking a plane depending on the State property. You can replace the keyboard sensor with a near sensor and it should do what you need.

Hope this helps

Dr S

Okay, so how do I get the object to start its IPO in different places depending on the user’s location on the track?

Well, you could have different planes around the bottom so when your object collision’s with one, your car will respawn on the ipo, it would work.

No offense, facemania, but that post is gibberish to me. Maybe if I explained more.

When the player, racing in a kart, throws a homing shell, the homing shell needs to follow the track until it comes close to the other racer in which case it rams it. Dr S said that the shell could follow an IPO until it neared the object, in which case it would stop the IPO and shoot towards the target. The problem is that the kart may be in absolutely any location when the shell is fired, and the shell needs to start wherever the kart is.

In other words, the fired shell needs to find the course, follow it until the opponent is near, and then hit the opponent, all in one semi-smooth movement.

That sounds a bit trickier. You may have to find a different way to get the shell to follow the road until slamming time.

You could put invisible collision walls(for the shell only)around the track and fire the shell with a constant force so it will bounce around the track until it sees the other kart and tracks it. No ipo at all. A bit more random and it might add to the fun as the shooter might cop his own shell if he shoots at the wrong time.

One of favourite tricks in SMKart was to bounce a green shell straight back at me then dodge out of the at the last minute and hit the opponent who was right behind me.

Anyway Good luck and it would be fun to see your game when it is ready

Dr S

Oh, I’m sorry, I was thinking of falling off the edge on a track, sorry :expressionless:

Well, you could do it easily with the way the old mario kart was, it just went after the person in front of you, and not around the track so sometimes it would go right into a wall. So that’s Always—And----Edit object- Track to

If you want it to go around the track, well, I can’t think of anything right now, sorry.

For now, play with this demo: Use the arrow keys to move and Spacebar to fire your item. I only have Yoshi models so far for the player, and the opponent right now is a cube that IPO’s itself around the track. When you use an item, the cube uses that item as well. Intended for 2.37a.