Demo Vases

I’m super new to blender (maybe a week and a half old) but something about 3D art really intrigues me! I created these vases in this corner and was going to use the hardwood from my parents new house, but decided I liked this texture better. After seeing all the awesome renders in here…I am a Blender fanatic (<-- nerd is possibly a better term) either way, I love blender and I sincerely thank the creators of Blender for making it open source! Please tell me what you think!

Blend it up!



Excellent render. Did you use blender internal or YafRay?

Not bad, a solid render. Maybe fiddle a bit with the OSA filter and find something that doesn’t blur your material details out so much.

Welcome to Blender and BA. :slight_smile:

Vases look really great!; nice shape & texture!
I guess your floor is a bit too shiny and the wallpaper looks a bit weird too me.

I think we’ll get to see some more beautyful render of you in the future… (looking forward :wink: ) Keep it up!


very life-like vases - wallpaper seem blurry.

the dust boards look like they are made from clay but other that that it was a good job!

Nice job! And Welcome to blender.
As a 2 year user, let me tell you, its a powerful tool if you choose to learn about it.
Good luck, blend on!(I hate that line ;P)

Hey I like it, the vases actually look real. (I can never get the reflectivity right.)

the wallpaper doesnt fit together in the corner…Did you UV map it…You could try to use a paterned image in the image texture tab for the wallpaper.
Vases look great…

What is UV mapping something? I keep hearing the phrase but I’m so new I don’t know what this means?

Yea, very good job! :slight_smile:
Although :frowning: … The floor seems too shiny. And too even. But again, kudos!