Keeping in mind that I am still in school. I wanted to post my website here to get some opinions from the “big-boys… and girls”:slight_smile: so here is my demo-website for your viewing pleasure:
Please be honest and thank you in advance for your time!

Looks pretty cheap and tacky. But my first website looked a lot worse, and it’s not like you’re trying to attract any customers so I think it’s great that you are giving it a go at least. Search google for layout designs and color schemes.
You are a lot better at video editing. :wink:

lol ty for your honesty and your compliment! I agree. I’ve never really had an eye for websites and such. ty also for your quick response^^

Hey Matt,

Well, this isn’t exactly 3d work… but, since I’m a serious web design hobbyist, and since I’m in the middle of a long render…

First of all, way to comply with web standards. You linked to your CSS file externally, used decent mark-up with IDs and Class names. You might have named the ids and classes better, but that’s just because I’m a stickler for semantic code. This seems to be because you generated the code with some kind of page building tool, but whatever you used did a good job of it. So, coolness.

The biggest criticism is with how the images are being used. First of all the style images have some aliasing issues, jagged edges and whatnot: not very clean. Second, the gallery pages do not use separate thumbnail images, instead they simple scale down the full size images. This is hard on load times. Remember that on principle, websites need to be fast, if a site is giving a user trouble, they’ll simply leave: you don’t want that. Generally speaking, the site is image heavy. If there are images that aren’t essential or if you can find nifty ways to cut corners and remove some unnecessary imagery, do so. It’ll make it run much faster. (I can’t imagine browsing this site on a 56k modem: there are still a lot of people in the world with really slow connections).

Also, simplicity is a virtue. Don’t barrage the user with too much: it’s unpleasant. On that note, csszengarden is a wonderful inspirational source for interesting, and innovative sites that, for the most part, don’t throw too much at the user at once:

Here are a few particulars:
1. – see how it integrates the giant background image.
2. – this one gives the illusion of having more imagery that it actually has by clever seamless integration.
3. – this one has a really nice repeating image background: if done right, repeating images can be very effective ways of minimizing load times, but keeping lots of interesting stuff to look at.

Just some thoughts. Good luck!


very interesting. Thank you for all the pointers. I was trying for an easily recognizable interface(accessing my works on an array of customized monitors) and I agree there are a LOT of images but a) I couldn’t think of a way to get it to look that way without doing so and b) I used gifs[even though I loath them] so that they would be small and have the alpha channel. Which bring up the jagged edges, I honestly don’t know how to make gifs not do that and IE(at least older version of it) don’t support png’s alpha channel… any ideas? originally there was even more on it, but one of my friends told me it was too busy so I took out the intros(“took up valuable screen real estate”). I really like those sites you linked, very cool. Thanks for those.

Very Nice work. Please see my home page you get in my signature. [flash]