DemoHero's Blender 2.5 All Hotkeys

How do you download this .pdf file? When I click on the download button, it takes me to another page which asks me to click on a link which returns to the page I just came from. Result, no download.


when I click the download button I get the option to open it in adobe reader or download it
what OS and browser are you using?

edit: here, I put it on a box at my house

Vista Home Premium

When I click on the link above, it takes me to a page with the following info.

This user is not allowed to use direct links.
Please email [email protected] for support

To download this file, please visit:

might be a vista thing
does it do the same thing if you try to get it from my machine?

I just downloaded it from your machine.

Thanks for the help.


that’s really kindof a nice guide
thanks for pointing me to it