Demon bust

Edit: Updated pic page 2 :Edit

I would appreciate some feedback on the modelling before I start on the bump map etc.
I came up with this idea many years ago, this is the same idea but a completely different character to the original sketch which has been lost in one of my many moves.

Thanks Nobody

ide love to see it textured, excellent desighn. i cant really see anytihng to crit in the moddling, it all seems to be very tidy. perhaps make the horns more rounded than flat though, just to give a more classic demon horn.

Certainly a different design! Good!

The spikes in the mouth should be affecting the skin - now it’s just intersecting
it. Not very realistic. You should be able to see the edges of the holes in the
flesh, if you know what i mean…?

EDIT: btw, just saw that two of his teeth intersect…

Keep it up! Looking good already!
//The M.h.p.e.

Pork & M.h.p.e.→ Thanks for the C&C’s very helpful.

Here’s what I’ve done, added holes to the skin surrounding the skewers and adjusted them so it looks more taut, will look even better when textured, I hope. Made the horns a bit thicker, tweaked the teeth and brought the eyes of the smaller face forward where they join the nose.

looking forward to hearing your C&C’s

Thanks for looking

You have a lot of vertical folds in the forehead area. I like the way it points to the second face. You’ve basically created a fractal demon. I can’t really find anything specific that i think is wrong with it. When the MultiRes Mesh stuff is ready in blender i think you could really do a lot with those features to sculpt the surface and add smaller wrinkles and bumps. Alternatively, you could do this with displacement/normal/bump mapping. I think it’s time you started texturing this evil creature. Beautiful work.

Thanks for your kind words psyborgue. I’m looking forward to the release with the sculpt features added. As for now I’m going to fake it, maybe I’ll revisit this project when that time comes.

Here’s the update, there are some anti-aliasing issues with the bars which I will sort out later, still adjusting the colour map to add tendons etc.

Thanks for looking.

Hmmmm it appears that image shack has decreased the resolution, I have even tried increasing the resolution to 1000 in Gimp but still no better, anybody got a heads up on this?

Ok this image is stightly better than the last I posted rendered in Blender @ 3200X2400 scaled down in Gimp at 1000 res and is in the png format…still looks shite!!!

interesting model, have you seen a psychiatrist lately? Just kidding. Anywho, imo he needs some wounds, and for the flesh around the spikes in his mouth to have some difference in shin colour, like a red deamon skin version of scar tissue. Also posibly some stretch marks or something where his horns break through the skin.

hope that helps


interesting model, have you seen a psychiatrist lately?

ssshhhhh the voices told me not to talk about it!! No offence taken :wink:

Thanks for your critiques, I tried scars before but my painting ability let me down, it looked really bad… couldn’t make it fit in nicely. I have darkened the skin either side where the spikes go through, maybe I should darken it a bit more?

Sorry for the delay; I’ve been really busy of late not much time for Blending, here’s the update got a decent resolution this time so you can see the detail. Added spec map and update to the colour & bump maps.

Hope you like it, please let me know what you think.

Thanks for dropping by

to me the ears look too human… Any way great job. as for the eye coloring I think the small eyes should be the same as they were before the color change. Keep the large eyes white.

A very interesting concept and design. I agree with the ears, you should make them different and fill in the cap of the horns. So they should be someting like 5 to 10 times bigger.

Love the face in the face idea though

I love the design, the textures I would imagine would be really veiny. Right now the lighting isn’t showing all of those wonderful folds and bumps you put into the mesh. Also, a different angle could really help out. Or at least since it is a portrait throw the demon more towards the center of the image space.

Thanks for your replies and critiques.

M3ta & Edeehem → I will try adjusting the ear to see if I can do something better aesthetically, also changing the eye colour of the smaller face is a good idea thanks M3ta.

Woodman5k → Thanks for your feedback. I will play with the lighting and camera angle to see if I can improve.

:slight_smile: Very nice work!

I really like what you made. The expression of the larger one shows pain and discontent. Do you want the 2 to be one demon with one mind? Or do you wish them to be distinctive? If the same, try and make them look more alike by having the larger one’s forehead shaped like the smaller one. If you want them different, have the little guy show pleasure in causing the bigger one to suffer (Demons can have demons too:D ). Add more wrinkles scars, and cracks around the large mouth. Possibly fade the color of the bigger as if he is undead. More cracks between the small face the its surroundings like it forced his way out. I also agree to keep the eyes of the big one washed out, or possibly black. This adds to his emotional state. Lots more wrinkles around the bigger eyes and forehead. His pain runs deep. I like the ears. How about deforming them a little more and dangle them in a similar direction as the horns. The horns are comming along well. They are comparable to classical one’s similar to a ram or goat. Adding some horizontal lines to the undersides will allow you to keep them large without looking plain. The rounded ends could be more worn and irregular. The skin around the spikes are too distinctive. Also, the skin around the horns should have more of a transition, like pushing your finger through a cheesecake. <—what:confused: . Anyway, it is a wonder piece of art you are creating! Thanks for sharing it.

raymaxbad→ Thanks for your C&C’s and kind words. I wanted the demon to be of the same entity but have different personalities, schitzophrenic if you like. As for the skin around the spikes I wanted to make it look taut.

As you can see still early stages and plenty of work to do, comments on lighting and col maps (face, horns and eyes) would be appreciated, it has a very basic bump map which needs lots of detail adding.

#edit: Please ignore the crappy black lines around the spikes :edit#

Thanks for looking Nobody

It’s a really nice concept and well executed. But a couple of things bother me. One thing is the fact that his horns are not separated in the midle of his head. And the other is that it seems that by the weight of his horns his forehead has started to split or something.


snelleeddy→ Good call on the horns not being separated, I have corrected this.
I will post an update when I have done more work on the col, bump and spec maps.
Thanks Nobody

Latest update, C&C’s welcome.

Nice model i think all this scene needs is either a red soft light or a fire in its eyes
Veins a a very nice touch

actualy it could use some kinda surrounding, hell perhaps :smiley:

you still could paint the texture, so that there are differnt colors on lips, cheeks etc. also i liked the first image more, since you didn’t see the little face on the first sight. now it’s too much visible.
But still the idea is really interesting.