Demon chess (first move spinoff)

Basically took my first move file, dirtied everything up and made it somewhat more evil. Threw some pieces around and broke two of them.

well … it’s so dark and so red, i can hardly see all of the chess pieces.

I would feel very bad if I were you…makign such evil pic! You mind is corrupted by the devil! You are making art in his name!!!

Awsome. I like it better then the original. The idea at least, can’t really make anything out however… The quickest way to make things distinguishable might be to apply a clarify filter in a 2d app…

Another way might be to re-render it, but make one set of pieces a shade of red that is darker than the board and surroundings, and the rest of the pieces brighter.

You can tell it’s demonic because it’s hard as hell to distinguish the pieces and it’s torturous on the eyes. :smiley:

Hey Kansas_15, did this one also take 2 days to render? %|

maybe you could make the pieces more visible by adding a sun lamp in the back. point it at the camera, set energy to 1.500, color it either slightly blue or orange-reddish.
you could also add a volumetric spot shining down from top right of the frame.
and maybe tilt the camera a bit to make it look more dramatic.
the background ‘hills’ could also use a lot of fractal subdividing…
your choice…


What a bunch of complainers! I can see the pieces just fine.

I like this picture a lot. The only thing that disturbs me about it is the plain red sky… Perhaps there ought to be flaming volcanoes and fire or something going on back there…

Hmm… a brightish yellow-red backlight might do the scene some good too if the shadows are kept sharp and in control… maybe just something to break the monochromacity…

I’m impressed!

You have still lots of things to learn if that’s your idea of eeeeeeveeeel kansas. Tough that just might be a good thing.

Slapping whole scene red doesn’t change it evil, it’s the atmosphere.

Either I did that or I wanted to model Satan’s chessboard. Either way i’m not making work in his name.
Just wanted to simulate a horrible thing happening in chessland that lead to this. Oh why did that have to happen?

BTW: this time it took a lot less then 2 days to render.